About FSUE "Sport-In”

Federal State Unitary Enterprise "Sport-Engineering" (FSUE "Sport-In”) was established by the order of Rossport on the 27th of February 2006 № 112/1. FSUE "Sport-In” is subordinated to the Ministry of Sport of the Russian Federation.

Since 2014 the main objective of FSUE “Sport-In” is the implementation of the project manager (developer) functions of the 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia stadiums construction.


In December 2010 Russia got the right to conduct FIFA World Cup. Have become a host of the biggest sports forum, our country assumed the great responsibility.

FSUE “Sport-In” took part in tenders, which defined the Prime contractor of development of the football stadiums in Russian cities, in which the championship games will take place.  

In December 2012 we become Prime engineering organization implementing the State order of developing football stadiums in four cities of Russia: Volgograd, Ekaterinburg, Nizhny Novgorod and Rostov-on-Don. In August 2013 we also won the tender to correct and finalize the project and work documentation of the stadium for FIFA World Cup in Saransk. 

The capacity of every future arena is 45 thousands.

It is important to note that there are no companies in the world which could implement such a great project by themselves, i.e. to carry the whole complex of works – from approval of the conceptual designs stage to constructing of all the stadiums.  

That is why the FSUE “Sport-In” need to be supported by subcontractors is not surprising. Among these subcontractors there are large Russian and foreign companies. 

The experience of these companies is approved on stadiums which hosted the World Cups and European Championships. 


Design Institute “Arena”, design-construction companies “Stroyimpulse”, “Intex” and other well known on the market names should be mentioned among our Russian partners.

Foreign companies are involved not only in stadiums designing but also in the implementation of the Heritage section (the utilization of the stadiums after the World Cup is finished). Unfortunately in Russia there are no companies experienced in such field of operation.

That is why the FSUE “Sport-In” has involved foreign partners to the development of the relevant strategy: SPORTFIVE (Volgograd and Ekaterinburg arenas), AECOM (in Nizhny Novgorod) and IMG (in Rostov-on-Don).

The specialists of FSUE “Sport-In” do not delegate the whole complex of works to the subcontracting organizations. The company takes part in stadiums designs development, provides the securing of obligations of state contracts implementation, makes calculations of economic efficiency of projects, develops technological solutions (medical technology, sport technology, technology of a football field, technology of public catering).

It is important to note the coordination of all project participants’ interaction.

Not only the State customer but also the Governments of Russian Federation regions permanently control the project works and the deadlines of their implementation. All questions connected with stadiums’ designing are discussed at the urban planning Council meetings. The leading regional architects and delegators from all of the city facilities take part in these discussions.


According to the “FIFA technical recommendations and requirements to the football stadiums” it is necessary to provide multi-function of the stadiums. It is achieved mostly due to:

  • application of the modern technological solutions of football pitches transformation into the spaces for entertainment events by laying special coatings, which does not affect the grassy covering of the pitch.
  • availability of the additional space to organize the public premises.  

According to the instruction of the President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin, standardization in stadiums’ projects is provided: the bowl stadium construction with the typical engineering and technological solutions is re-applied.

The individual solutions are used only for spectator seats coverage and facades.

FSUE “Sport-In” and its partners consider all modern requirements to the building life-support systems (highly efficient cooling, power efficient technology, automation and dispatching of all engineering equipment) and to the “special” systems (TV and radio broadcast, sound amplification system, commentators system and so on).

When designing stadiums our specialists and company’s partners carefully consider the advanced world experience of the implementation of the modern innovative technologies.

The draft projects were presented to be agreed and were approved by the Governments of the Russian Federation regions which are hosting the World Cup 2018.

At the moment all 2018 FIFA World Cup stadium project designs we are in charge of are prepared to be introduced to the State Assessment, or have had its approval. 


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